Nine tips to stay fit this winter.

Nine tips to stay fit this winter:

     Winter is at its peak but don't let that take a toll on your Christmas preparations. Stay sneeze proof and keep fever at bay with these simple tips.
     During our lifetime, each of us will fall sick with cold and cough for around 200 times yet doctors feel a dozen times their consultations are unnecessary. Staying a little alert on health conditions, and temperature drop will keep cold and flu away. Here are a few handy tips to stay healthy this winter.

1. Prepare some vitamin D for yourselves:

     Studies show that vitamin D is crucial to enhance our immune response to infection. Yet most of us fall short of it during the winters. So it is advisable to go take a refreshing  sunbath, a walk under the morning sun and a diet of oily fish and eggs.

2. Shake your torso:

     People exercising for at least five days per week are actually more fit than the lazy bugs and can cut off their chances of catching cold by at least 45%. Simple aerobics or a walk or cycling will do.

3. Stress ..a BIG NO NO:

     Stress causes release of hormones that trigger anti-immune reactions. Meditation is the million dollar answer to beat stress. A team of US researchers found volunteers who had eight weeks of meditation training developed more flu fighting antibodies than those who didn’t meditate.

4. Be strict towards infections:

     Most used places are the forts of disease causing germs, communal pens (eg., in banks) , door knobs, keyboards etc are packed with microbes undetectable to naked eyes. So, either stay away from using such things or make a practice of washing hands with disinfectants in order to avoid infections.

5. Have more  sex:

     People who have sex once or twice a week produce 30% more immunoglobulin A cells viral antibodies  than those who don’t.

6.Winter clothes are fashionable too..

     Try wearing winter wears even when indoors to prevent effects of temperature drop.

In case you still fall ill this winter here are homemade remedies for your cold and flu.

7.Try inhaling steam:

     Steam inhaling is by far the most effective and utilized Grandma’s secret to cure cold and blocked nose.
Put your head above a bowl of water steaming water and cover a towel around your head so that steam does not escape. Inhale the steam maintaining a distance from the water lest you will burn your face. An addition of menthol to the water will relieve congestions.

8.Have hot drinks:

     Another  tip from Grandma from India is drinking tea or any other Hot Drink to unblock congestions and soothe the throat. An addition of Ginger or Black pepper will relieve from headache and improve immunisations.

9. If conditions persist, or severity is noticed immediate consultation from Doctor is advisable.