How to lose weight by changing colour of crockery

A recent study has revealed that changing the colour of your plate can help you lose fat significantly. It will help in reducing the food you eat, if you will change the colour of the your eating vessels from white to some brighter shades, is what reports.

You can put it this way. If we take pasta covered with red tomato sauce in a red plate or plain white Kheer in a white plate we tend to overeat. But, if the plates are reversed i.e., we take pasta in red plate and vice versa we may cut some parts of our servings.
kheer in white plate (recommended)

                                                                     red pasta in white plate (not recommended)
Quoting Mellina Jampolis (one of the physician nutrition specialists) “the research is clear, from the age of four, we eat with our eyes not stomachs.” With these types of

visual environmental clues we can easily lose a few pounds, she further  adds.

This is what we would suggest you to try. We are looking forward for your views on the topics and please do write us your fitness secrets that you think can benefit others.