Substitute for Lactose and Gluten Intolerance

Riya, (one of Pharmapolice’s loyal readers), asked us what she should use as an alternative to cow’s milk as she was allergic towards lactose and gluten. In our attempt to help Riya we found out the following which might help our other readers equally.

 Researches by scientists have, have resulted in the development of alternatives to yoghurt using using grains and nuts with probioticbacteria. Studies conducted at Polytechnic University of Valencia, have obtained new products from grains and nuts by fermentation with the aid of probiotic bacteria. This is what they call “ vegetable milk" and present it as an alternative for conventional yoghurt.

According to Science daily, “these products are specially designed keeping in mind, people with allergies to milk, lactose or gluten intolerance along with pregnant women."
From the laboratories at the Institute of food engineering for development, a team worked with almonds, oats and hazelnuts and will soon evaluate the use of walnuts and chestnuts as raw materials for these products.

The Institute of agrochemistry and food technology (IATA-CSIC) and the university college of Dublin (Ireland) have also taken part in the study.

Source- ndtv cooks